Chemical Peels

Is you skin looking tired, dull and dehydrated? Let Sedora Spa help you revive and renew your skin!

Our Chemical Peels are designed to reveal tighter, smoother, brighter and glowing skin!

Not sure what what your skin care needs are? Schedule a free consultation with us.

Our aestheticians will gladly assess your skin and suggest (or customize) a treatment that will best suit your skin needs to keep your skin looking it’s best!

Frequently asked questions

Sedora Spa facials are highly customizable to meet your skin care needs and can treat:
Uneven skin tone & discoloration / Redness / Loss of elasticity / Dry, dehydrated skin / Acne (active or old scars) / Scarring / Anti-aging / Pore tightening / Texture / Congested skin / Oil production / Tired, dull or lackluster skin.

No, there will not be downtime with our facials. If you elect to add a chemical peel to your facial, downtime will depend on the peel selected:
Acne Peel – No downtime
Super Youth Peel – No downtime
Illuminating Peel – No downtime
Light Chemical Peel – 2-5 Days – Light dryness & flaking
Medium Chemical Peel – 5-8 Days – Moderate dryness & flaking
Deep Chemical Peel – 1-2 Weeks – Moderate – severe dryness or flaking

“I’ve been going to Sedora Spa for years now. Nancy is wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to accommodate my skin needs and address all my concerns. I would highly recommend Sedora Spa!”

-Bridgette M.


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“I could never say enough about sedora and the staff!!! Nancy is extremely professional and makes you feel comfortable. Environment is clean and relaxing. I am always happy with my results!!! Would totally recommend!!”

-Deanna T.

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