Ready to toss your razor aside & stop waxing your body?

Schedule an electrolysis appointment today with Sedora Spa for a permanent hair removal solution that will leave your skin silky smooth and stubble free!

Electrolysis is the process of removing hair by directing a tiny, split-second impulse into the hair follicle to try and destroy it.

Several treatments may be required depending on the coarseness, and strength of the hair.

*Prices Vary Depending On The Desired Treatment Time*

Frequently asked questions

Probe (needle) type electrolysis is the only safe method of permanent hair removal. It is recognized by the FDA and approved by the American Medical Association.

Most people say they feel a slight tingling sensation. A very fine probe is inserted and the skin is not punctured or damaged. Most people find tweezing & waxing to cause more discomfort than electrolysis.

Electrolysis can be used to treat any body part except for the inside of the nose or ears. It can also be used to treat:
White & gray hair / Hormonal hair / Eyebrows / Tanned skin / While on antibiotics, Retin-A or Accutane.

The amount of sessions needed will depend on the hair thickness, prior hair removal method and hormonal factors.

No, an extremely fine wire needle is used to penetrate the hair follicle in order to reach the hair root. A new, sterile needle is used each time for each patient.

“I have recommended Sedora to so many of my friends and family. I have been coming to Sedora for about 5 years for various treatments ranging from IPL laser treatments to electrolysis. Nancy has always been professional and comforting from day 1. Barbara is also so personable! My new favorite treatment involves a COMPLETELY PAINLESS IPL treatment. It makes the treatments so easy to get through. Sedora is my go-to spot for hair removal! It’s definitely worth a visit!”

-Alexis C.


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“I recommend Sedora to everyone! They offer the best quality and service at all times. I’ve been a customer for a while now , and I’ve never left unhappy . They are always ready to answer any question you have . They have many services provided at their spa ; I’ve been a customer for laser and facial. They have the best and most qualified employees. They also have the best prices. All I can tell you make an appointment you won’t regret it !”

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