How To Combat Those First Wrinkles

Wrinkles can cause many women and men to feel uneasy with the first signs of age. While you can’t beat the clock, you can practice some methods to avoid it from speeding up. Even though the clock will continue to tick, that doesn’t mean your wrinkles need to appear all at once. Similar to how you’re probably fighting those first few signs of gray hair, we can help you combat those first few wrinkles. At Feirra, we have a few methods to help you fight the first signs of aging. With a fantastic facial treatment, you can feel like a whole new person with skin that’s glowing and paused in time. For more information on facial treatments, contact us and we can answer your questions. If you’d like to become a better candidate at the spa you work at, then check out some of our classes to help you build your skill set.

Ways To Combat Those First Few Wrinkles

How can you combat those first few wrinkles? What can you do to take care of your skin and decrease the aging process? While you can’t turn the clock back, we can help you fight the creases that are forming in your face.

Visit A Feirra Treatment Provider

The best way to treat wrinkles can be to find a Feirra-trained specialist. You can schedule an appointment with this professional who knows the best ways to rid your skin of wrinkles. Feirra offers a multitude of facial treatment courses where the esthetician will learn about microneedling, mesotherapy, and PRP treatments. They’ll go through hands-on training and refreshers to ensure they are up to date on all of the most current methods.

Keep Hydrated

Another method is to stay hydrated. This one might seem way too simple and that’s because it is. Your body is made up of water and by drinking H20, you’re providing it with everything it needs to avoid wrinkles. With hydration, comes skin that’s beautiful and a body that’s nourished with water. H20 can also help keep you revved during the day, so you don’t only look fantastic you also feel great.

Use Sunscreen

For years, you’ve probably heard that using sunscreen will prevent cancer and effects of aging and it’s true. By using sunscreen, you’ll protect your skin from wrinkles and more. The best way you can avoid looking older is by using sunscreen to protect your skin. The best type of sunscreen to us is SPF 30 because it has everything you need such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, both of which will ensure your skin is protected.

Antioxidants Are Everything

Just like with drinking water, you’ll want to consume antioxidants in your foods. Eating foods that are filled with antioxidants can help to improve your skin. You don’t need to just use products to help with aging, you’ll want to take advantage of the vitamins and nutrients in the foods. By consuming foods such as spinach, blueberries, and kiwis, you’ll be able to increase the elasticity in your skin and help with sun damage.

For more information about taking care of your skin, stay posted for another article.

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