Scar + Stretch Mark Revision

Are your stretch marks or scars making you feel insecure?We’d love to help you in addressing your skin concerns! At Sedora Spa, we are able to dramatically improve the appearance of both old or new scars and stretch marks by utilizing our new revolutionary custom Feirra Skin Therapy procedure.
This procedure blends the powerful combination of Microneedling + Feirra Serum + PRP which will aid in breaking down the scar tissue that has left the affected area with an uneven texture and tone. Within 2 months, the treated areas will reveal a smooth, even and tight appearance.

Frequently asked questions

Scar Revision- Extra Small / Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large
Stretch Mark Revision – Abdomen / Inner Thighs / Hips
*Prices Vary Depending on Method & Treatment Area*

You may notice redness, blotchiness, swelling and tenderness for the first 36 hours.

This therapy can be used to treat:
New or Old Scars – Surgical / Acne / Burns / Discoloration / Keloids / Any other skin injury
New or Old Stretch Marks


First 3 Days: With clean hands, wash your face 3 times a day with a mild cleanser & apply provided Vitamin Serum.

*Do not apply makeup or skincare products*

4th Day & On: With clean hands, wash your face 2 times a day with a mild cleanser & lightly exfoliate with a sponge or cotton pad followed by a serum and/or moisturizer.

*Sunscreen must be worn from this day forward*

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“I have been going to Sedora for quite a number of years. They have the best products ever. I pretty much tossed my entire other lines in the trash.
The girls are highly competent and it shows in what they do. I’ve had microneedling, mesotherapy, IPL, facials, peels and more. Parking is street and easy. They are very accommodating and pretty much stick to a rigid schedule so there is no waiting.
Pay them a visit soon! Well worth it!”

-Tee P

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